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Thread: Black screen with dump codes when running game on USB Loader GX

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    Question Black screen with dump codes when running game on USB Loader GX

    I formatted my game with WFBS Manager no problem running the game on NeoGamma 8 r7 but on USB Loader GX, I get black screen with all dump codes. Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

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    What game?
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    Thanks, anyway I've managed to sort out the problem myself. I had to insert the sd card (with app & wad file) in my wii slot to run the game (NSMB) using USB Loader GX channel. Funny that in the guide No. D4 it says unless I install the Forwarder wad then sd card is required to run the application, quote : D4 -If you want USB loader GX as a channel, install USBLoaderGXr850.wad (this will install the full channel, but you can install the forwarder instead, USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad, which can be directly updated by placing updated version in the SD card, yet you will need the SD card constantly inside the Wii slot to launch it. Install whichever sounds more useful to you)

    Well, I'll just stick with NeoGamma 8 for now.

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