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Thread: wiiflow & usb loader gx?

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    wiiflow & usb loader gx?

    hi, i can only seem to get usbloader gx & wii flow to work if my hard drive's been connected with a different program like neogamma or config loader, any ideas if im doing something wrong or theres away around it? as i prefer to use wiiflow & gx.

    thanks in advance

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    I had the same problem. It had something to do with the way uLoader and CFG booted up, spinning the hard drive correctly or something. recently usbloader GX came out with a new revision that fixed the problem for me. Try this out:

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    thanks, that worked great!! now its just wiiflow, wouldbe nice to have both as i cant deide what one i prefer! lol

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    I have the same problem. unfortunately it's our hard drives that aren't all that well supported.


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