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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy

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    Super Mario Galaxy

    I've been looking around threads for possible solutions for a freeze in Super Mario Galaxy. it always freezes right in the beginning when Bowser tries to take the castle

    I searched for an alt dol and also tried some other things such as updating my USB Loader GX to new revs and all have failed

    I'm running 4.2U
    cIOS38 rev_16
    I should also mention that burning any kind of disc is impossible because I have the newest wii (purchased this christmas) with the new laser that won't read burned discs

    is there a surefire fix out there because I haven't been able to find anything while searching around

    sorry, 2nd day on the site

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    Some things to try:

    Change your load to Hermies 222 or 223 instead of 249
    Go back to CIOS rev 14

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJIV View Post
    Some things to try:

    Change your load to Hermies 222 or 223 instead of 249
    Go back to CIOS rev 14
    by that do you mean in the installer on the first screen where it says

    "Selected IOS for installation" I should choose 223 instead?

    and then I should install

    222 or 223 with IOS 38 merged with 37?

    I'm just trying to make sure I understand correctly

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    In USB Loader click settings on the game, then load, and change the IOS to 222 or 223 and see if that works.

    Most likely that is all you need. CIOS rev 16 broke Triforce but you should be okay with that. Let me know.

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    PJIV, did what you said, and it works perfectly now!

    My only question now would be is there a way to make it default to 222 every time?

    If not, then I'm okay changing it but I was just wondering!

    clicking that thanks button now haha

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    When you start the loader, do not select a game, click the settings wheel lower left hand side and then Load and set it there, it's global then. But only a few games really need 222 or 223 better to select them on a as needed basis.

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