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Thread: USB Loader GX Wallpaper???

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    USB Loader GX Wallpaper???


    I am not really sure what is happening to my Wii whenever I launch USB Loader GX.
    Installed it as a channel and it launches with the Wii HDD at the back placed correctly. However, the loader only displays the wallpaper and does not load any functions of the channel...
    Does this mean that my HDD is not compatible with the Wii? Or I have not installed the loader correctly?


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    this section is only for problematic games with a softmod only. that means Not anything to do with hardmods, Don't even think about posting in this section unless you are using the recommended specific brands and in dvd-r, burning at the proper speeds and KNOW its not your burning process,,which have been covered in other forums here..or you will find youself in the RR or banned
    Wrong section. Closed.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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