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Thread: homebrew + wiiware question.

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    homebrew + wiiware question.

    Ok, I used this guide to softmod my wii.

    I did my bootmii as a boot2 and I stopped at Step D5.

    I can play USB loaded and dvd loaded games and I can run emulators fine but I want to play Castlevania: Adventure Rebirth or w/e it's called but It's not on disc to download only WiiWare.

    Is there a way without having to do much to be able to play it?

    Also will a softmodded wii play burned gamecube games?
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    Search the forums here about playing Wii ware games there is lots of info and how to's

    There are loaders that can be installed as channels I believe it is called gamecube backup launcher 0.2 gamma.


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