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Thread: Questions about my Chip

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    Question Questions about my Chip

    Hey there. I've browsed around the boards here several times while waiting for my tri-wing screw driver to arrive.
    I purchased my Wii at the end of June and I was hoping it was compatible with one of the current Mod-Chips. I've assumed that the D2Pro would be the way to go, but I wanted to ask other people who know more about modding the Wii.

    The image below shows the innards of my Wii.
    The picture came out looking like crap and the numbers unreadable, so I added them in an easier to read manner.

    My serial number is: LU3435XXXX
    I used the serial tracker websites recommended here and it gave me a 50% chance of success with the D2Pro, but I wanted to crack open the Wii for myself instead of shelling out for a Mod-chip I couldn't use.
    I didn't want to just assume mine was a GC2-D2C (2) instead of the GC2-D2C version because I purchased it in a nearby small town that might not always have a fresh stock of products in. My Wii may have been brand new or it may have been sitting on a shelf in the back room for a couple months for all I know.

    My bro recently dropped his Wii and broke it. I think the internal fan was just jammed and the Wii would completely shutdown after a few minutes of play. I opened it up today and discovered what I believed was the problem with the fan and got it to spin again. I won't know for certain until I take it home tonight and run it.
    I purchased my Wii mainly as a replacement until his was fixed. I went ahead and used the Twilight hack to install virtual consoles I had purchased to my bro's machine onto mine. Transferred over a lot of our save data. And we've been using it in place of the broken Wii. I've heard of a tool I could use to export game-saves to an SD card that aren't normally copyable from the Wii, but I haven't tried it yet.
    I really only need to Mod my Wii so I can play copies of my game DVDs on it. We are ROUGH on our media and I know that over the course of a few months our game discs will be unusable due to the scuffing and scraping they seem to endure. We've already lost four game discs and rendered two unreadable. But between five kids playing the games and transporting them along with the consoles between their home, mine, and their other parents' things get ruined and lost. including several Wii-remote battery-covers that went missing and had to replace those as well.

    Any tips or info you may have to offer are greatly appreciated.
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    Your best choice would be going with the D2pro9 rev2..
    sounds like you have a D2C2 chip set.. now regarding the broken Wii..
    that's sucks.. the samething happened to a friend of mine.. his wife dropped it
    and it keeps over heating.. I took a look at it for him.. the fan still spinning..
    but i guess it's not fast enough.. cause it goes off.. so he bought a external fan,
    connected via USB.. so that has been working out for him..

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    Thanks to your input I shall be trying my luck with a D2pro9 v.2 chip.

    My bro's machine seems to be working fine now. I didn't do real hardcore tests on it yet since I was pressed for time last night, but I think I'll be playing some SSMB soon just to test and make sure the optic drive is still functioning properly. It was making strange noises last night when loading game data, but we were playing a game I've never played before.
    I've seen external USB fans for the Wii, but I haven't been able to find any of them locally. I'd have to order one and if I were to go through all that trouble I figured I would probably be better off just getting a nice fast 40mm case fan and modding it to fit the internal fan's space. Shipping times to Alaska can vary greatly and I'm a rather impatient person when it comes to purchases.
    Now that the internal fan seems to be running again I may feel inclined to do that same as your friend and double-up by adding an external one if it continues to show any signs of overheating.

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    Welcome ^_^
    Hope all turns out good
    Have a good wknd & loads of fun w/the games..

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