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Thread: Why not recommended to restore nand when bootmii installed as ios?

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    Question Why not recommended to restore nand when bootmii installed as ios?

    have bootmii installed as an ios
    and i want to do a nand backup!
    But messies guide says it is not
    recommended to restore nand when
    bootmii is installed as an ios.
    What should i do?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Do the nand backup
    Don't restore it

    The thing is, if you can load bootmii ios, you don't need to restore your nand to fix your issue. All the tools are at your disposal, as bootmii ios only works on functional wii's.

    Why shouldn't you restore it? Well there is question as to the consequence of restoring files while running those same files. What would happen? Who knows, I have seen reports of it being done, but it is not worth the risk, as I said it is never necessary.

    Why back it up? Well if you ever do fully brick your wii, it is always possibly recoverable using a nand programmer. But on newer wii's, those with bootmii ios, this only works if you have a nand backup to program back to it.

    Best this to do is follow the advise you have been given. And even better, read this and don't brick your wii.
    Brick Prevention- Things you should never do
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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