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Thread: USB loader gx loading question

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    USB loader gx loading question

    Is there any way, after pressing start on the USB loader gx menu, to omit the loading that takes place (black screen/white letters.... "initiating controllers"...."loading usb device" etc etc) with a simple blank screen that says "loading"?? Would just add a little cleanliness to the already utter amazingness of this genius creation!

    I know this is a terribly selfish and picky question but if there is a way to do this I would like to know.

    Thanks!! (and even more thanks to the creators of USB loader gx who made the wii an even more brilliant system than it already is)

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    Thats something you will have to suggest to the creators of the loader i am afraid. it is a good suggestion to have a silent bootup. Beyond the scope of these forums though I am afraid.

    You could mention it on the official site which can be found by clicking me!
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