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Thread: About to buy a card, what size SD?

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    About to buy a card, what size SD?

    I'm about to buy a flashcard and I was wondering what size SD card I should get. I'm thinking about a 16g card, but I don't know if that's excessive. So right now it's between a 8g and 16g. I don't remember where but I saw a post that gave a basic run down on the storage capacity and what it would hold. I was hoping I could get something like that here.

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    new flashcards support up to 32gb i prefer the 8gb because ds games are little in size (sorry for my english)


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    The higher the class rating - the faster it will go.

    But always get the biggest you can afford, it's only a few seconds/microseconds difference in overall speed, and the bigger you can go the more WADs you can get on your SD card and thus off your Wiis precious NAND memory.

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    I use 8GB microSD cards in my flashcarts, the more the capacity the better, if you got the money for a 16GB then go for it.


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