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Thread: bootmii expert question ..;-)

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    bootmii expert question ..;-)

    Heh..Ok maybe not just experts.. but this Newb is having an issue with installing Bootmii for the first time. Here is what I have.. an older chipped NTSC US WII on System menu 4.1u. I downloaded the package from this site to put on my Sandisk 2 gig card. I did a clean FAT 32 format of the card prior to doing this.
    In running Bootmii I was able to install Bootmii as both Boot 2 and the IOS one (on the SD card). What I noticed the first time I rebooted (SD card in) was that the Bootmii menu appeared on the screen for a quick second then took me to the Wii Health menu. I uninstalled the Boot2 option and tried the other IOS option. Now when I run it from the Homebrew screen I get the bootmii screen show up and then the screen flickers or distorts (Like an old TV tuning with the Antenna) then I get a reboot of the Wii.
    Is this an INI setting of the Bootmii? Also.. I am not understanding the install. If I install BOOT2..I do or Don't need the SD card in? If I use the Homebrew Channel Launch I assume I need the card in correct?

    Also..can I have both Boot2 and the other option?

    Thanks for any assistance...

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    There's no reason to use both. Boot2 is the preferred option as it allows the bootmii application to load before anything else on the system, allowing you much more control in case of a brick. Run the installer again and install to boot2, then uninstall as IOS.

    Bootmii as boot2 or IOS needs a folder named bootmii at the root of the sd card with the 3 files armboot.bin, bootmii.ini, ppcboot.elf to function.
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    Reinstall it as boot2. It's the best brick protection available. If you don't want the screen to come up every time you start the wii, rename the bootmii folder, or you can make it autoboot the system menu by edting the configuration file.

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    Thanks for the Info.. I unistalled the IOS and Installed the BOOTMII to Boot2... seems to go ok..

    Fired it up... IT will flash momentarily to the BOOTMII screen and then continue to the System loader...

    My config file looks ok (although it looks like a couple options are commented out):

    # BootMii config file

    # Video mode, possible settings:

    # Autoboot, possible settings:

    # Autoboot delay, in seconds:
    # Default is 5

    * IF I Set it to Boot to the HOMEBREW CHANNEL it WILL take me there on boot ...but the BootWiii screen flashes the same as it was set to the sysmenu. *

    I have an NTSC - Regular Format Non HD Display.

    I wonder if the Chip I have installed (WIINJA) is doing something to mess things up..?

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    Try moving the ini file over to your pc and boot without it. This should prevent it from autobooting beyond bootmii temporarily.
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    Thanks..I will give it a try when I get home..
    Otherwise..IS there another option that will allow a backup to cover my tail? I am running System 4.1U.. Thanks

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    Bootmii as boot2 is the best brick protection you can have. You can install Priiloader, which gives some protection from semi-bricks but is much less reliable than boot2 protection in case of a full brick. It also has a series of system hacks that are very useful.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Nope... Even without the INI File the Wii rolls through the Bootmii screen right to the Health Screen.. no luck.
    I figured I would get some error..since it didn't have an INI..but nothing.. Bleh!..

    BTW..I do get the Quick flashes on the DVD drive slot light when I try to boot with a SD card in.. So I assume the Bootmii is installed at Boot2 .. I just cant get it to hold on screen at all. I see if for a split second then it rolls to the Safety window..

    UPDATE: After digging around I found my exact same issue..and this response:
    Edit: I just found your post on wiihacks where you say your reset button has not been working. I'm 100% sure that that is the problem. See, bootmii does not support the wiimote, and if you don't have a GC controller the only way to "talk" to bootmii is by using the 3 buttons on the front of the wii. As it happens, the reset button is the one bootmii takes to mean "OK" or "Enter". Since your reset button is apparently jammed in the 'on' position, bootmii thinks you pushed reset as soon as it starts. This makes it load the menu item that is selected at startup (i.e. load sysmenu).
    I have the same Wiinja Deluxe chip and there is a Solder point to the reset..that may be the issue.. I dont' know of a way to bypass the reset switch at this point.. Any ideas? And what is the reset switch supposed to do when pressed? Thanks
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    Depends on the switch. Some switches are physical, in that they are either open or closed or a momentary type like a PC power button.

    You could probably check the wiring of the switch with a circuit tester to determine whether it's open or closed in it's normal position and probably also determine what happens when you press it.

    I seem to recall that some modchips respond to mutliple presses of the reset switch to enter config mode, this could explain why the reset button is tampered with, or maybe I imagined that bit.

    If you are handy with a soldering iron then you could break the modchips connection to the reset switch to backup your NAND, and then if you ever need to run bootmii then do it again, you could even wire up a small switch yourself and mount it outside your Wii case for on the fly switching allowing you access when you want. That's probably what I'd do.
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