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Thread: hello everyone.. please help me .. freeze uploading to hdd..

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    Angry hello everyone.. please help me .. freeze uploading to hdd..

    bare with me kind of a noob,and have done alot of research before posting but have not found an answer to this.
    i have a new wii bought it on the 26 of Dec. serial # starting with LU1147, it came with 4.0u, have done the 4.1u upgrade , and have a Seagate Free Agent Desk External ST310005FDA2E1-RK 1TB and my problem is that when i try and back up my games to the HDD from configurable loader v50 and the fat version and usb loader gx , it will freeze at various percentages on both loaders and still no luck getting them over to the hdd from the Wii , and then i have to hold the power down on the wii and then unplug the hdd to reset it. has anyone else had this problem ? and any help would be great ...

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    Wrong section, please be mindful to where you post your problems. If you post in the wrong section again you will be sent to the readin room for 2 weeks. I will move your post to the appropriate section.

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    sorry i seen some posts in there also so i posted ... myself and 2 others are stumped on this problem and nee some help... thought it was the hdd so but a friend has the same one.. so i exchanged it anyway and still not the problem..


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