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Thread: USBLoader GX Save Covers to HD

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    USBLoader GX Save Covers to HD

    I have a 1TB Drive that I have split (500GB WBFS / 500GB NTFS). How do I change the config file to use the USB drive to save the covers and info to?

    Im using system menu 4.2u and used the network updater in the loader to go to the most current version.
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    go into the settings of GX loader select custom paths (2nd screen) and then you should be able to browse to the location you want them. There has been issues with NTFS writting on Revision: 883 and I haven't seen a build which fixes it as yet.

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    How do you change it in that screen? I will only let me edit after SD:/ and nothing lets you change device. I cant format as FAT32 only exFAT.

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    The cover storage on your usb drive, you can do it on a FAT32 partition.

    Full FAT32 (cover+games on the same partition)
    partitioned FAT32+NTFS games
    Partitioned FAT32+WBFS games

    There is no support to load covers on ntfs. Just takes a bit of research to figure that out.

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    Dont you need a WBFS partition to run ISOs? I have the WBFS as the primary active and the NTFS as a secondary, if I try to format the NTFS it only gives exFAT is that supported?

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    As the last post said you can run in multiple ways. You do not need a wbfs partition if your using the latest version of GX which supports loading of the iso files from a ntfs partition (primary, active) using the folder wbfs to store the iso files. Then using the fat32 partition you can use that for your covers. Or you can run a fat32 for covers and wbfs for games. Are you trying to reformat the ntfs ? In yours use computer management > disk management to remove the current ntfs partition and then create a new one and format it with fat32
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