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Thread: Expected quality of Wii ISO downloads?

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    Expected quality of Wii ISO downloads?

    Hi all,

    Hope this is allowed, and possibly in the right place. I "backed up" my first two Wii games today. RE4 Wii Edition and Super Mario Galaxy. I did the 4.2 soft mod to a T and everything works. I downloaded WiiFlow USB loader and it works great. I loaded the games onto a brand new WD 1TB My Book Essential, and it works great.

    However - the video quality of the two games I've tried leave MUCH to be desired from what I'm used to from the discs we play (WiiSports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus).

    Is this what I'm going to get used to? The blacks look very washed out, the colors don't POP, and RE4 just looked plain crappy.

    Hope to get some advice....


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    all iso's are original disc backups, which means they should be of the same quality. super mario galaxy has issues with the cut scenes, and RE4 is a crappy game anyway.


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