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Thread: DOP-IOS v10.1... system menu update?

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    Us DOP-IOS v10.1... system menu update?

    Alright, so I was messing around with some of these cool programs I discovered for myself over the holiday. One fascinating one was the newest version of DOP-IOS. In the menu there is a system menu options. In this, it gives you the option of installing whatever system menu you like, all the way up to 4.2. I am not in any great hurry to update to this one because it was nothing but new security, but....

    Does anyone know if this would be a safe way to update your system menu?

    If I had system menu 3.4 for example, would this be a safe way to update to 4.1?

    I have 4.1, but I have some friends with modded Wii's and they have an older system menu. Also, when I used Pimp my Wii, it installed IOS70 which is only used by system menu 4.2 anyway.

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    I'd be careful with DOP-IOS if I were you. It's a great little app but has the potential to full brick you.

    I'd avoid using it to update your System Menu, I don't really have a reason other than that I prefer to be in control of what I'm doing to my System Menu. Best to download the wads using NUSD and install them via Wad manager.
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    I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the info. I'll check out that NUSD and use wad manager. That is the way I got used to things anyway. I was just curious about it, I would definitely only use an updater produced by Waninkoko or something along those lines. I am just glad that things like Bootmii and Preloader exist. Saved my ass one time already.


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