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Thread: very excited...but what about N64

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    very excited...but what about N64

    With the exception of the Nintendo 64, and after much hard work walking back and forth from the computer to the Wii's SD slot, I can emulate the core systems on my Wii now (NES, SNES, Genesis). Are the developers working on updating the code for Wii64? I really wanna play the original Mario Party on my Wii

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    yeah i hope they do update wii64 i dont play any older games then n64 so i hope they can use the wii full hardware at somepoint

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    I hope they do soon. For now I'll have to stick with N64 VC.

    BTW: Use FTPii, you can transfer files to you Wii SD Card or a USB drive wirelessly via FTP. It's much faster!

    Just add the files to the SD card then launch with the Homebrew Channel(or TH) and connect to the IP given with a FTP client(I use FireFTP, firefox plug-in).
    DOWNLOAD: ftpii - Google Code

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    Pwnage! I'm gonna have to test this code out!

    Right after I play Earthworm Jim...


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