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Thread: Game from USB stick

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    Game from USB stick

    Hi all,

    I have succesfully installed homebrew, including USB loader GX. I have made a backup of a game (iso), I tried to move the game to my USB stick, I got an error saying it was to larger, despite the game iso being 4.3 gig and the USB 8 gig.

    So I researched and found that a fat format drive has a max capacity of 4 gig. So I reformated as ntfs, I moved the file to USB stick. I then started USB loader, I got an error saying that there was no partion, when I formated obviously the game was removed.

    The problem is that it doesn't seem possible to create a partition on the stick from a pc.

    Is this possible, that is run a game from a USB stick.

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    -you need to download wbfs manager
    -plug in your usb drive
    -select your drive letter (make sure it's the right drive because it will format it)
    -click "format". This will format your usb drive to the proper file system.
    -once it's done click "load" (you will have to do this every time you connect your usb drive to your pc)
    -then in the right hand side you can "browse..." for your iso and select it
    -once it's in the right side screen select "add to drive".

    once it's complete, you're done. Plug usb drive in the bottom (if flat) usb port on your wii and enjoy


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