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Thread: d2pro v2 or Wiikey?

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    Us d2pro v2 or Wiikey?

    Im deciding which chipped Wii to buy. There is a store near me that do brand new Wii's with d2pro v2 chips or I could buy a slightly older Wii with 40 back up games at the same price that has Wiikey installed?

    Iam looking for a stable chip that runs everything and hardly needs updating.

    Which do i go for? Or any thoughts on a different chip thats better than these two?

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    To need an update is never bad..
    If I were u I would buy the Wii w/wiikey installed & the 40 backups
    U wont have to worry about burning games.. & the WiiKey..
    There will always be updates for it if needed in the future..
    At least so far they have always done good..
    So i would say Wiikey bro!


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