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Thread: WBFS covers won't Download????

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    WBFS covers won't Download????

    I have tried for a week to get covers via WBFS on the PC, but every time I try I get a file that is 0 bytes. I read a few others having the same problem online. Does anyone know where to get covers from outside of downloading them via WBFS? I have at least 50 covers that I need even though I downloaded the post that had 1300 covers in it.

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    checkout this section of the forums.

    Wii Cover Art

    If your using a loader such as GX some have in built downloading of covers which makes it handy.

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    Hey thanks for the update didn't know they had a spot for covers. Unfortunetly all the posted sites don't have the covers I need??? WBFS doesn't work, 4 different collections of covers over 1000 each and I still can't find a bunch of covers.

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    1. WBFS-if you are having problems with WBFS cover downloading-make sure you are using the right WBFS Mgr for your PC-there are WBFS Mgr versions for 32- and 64-bit.

    If the covers you are looking for are not available-maybe this site might be good? There is a forum where members can request a cover. / World's Largest CD Covers and DVD Covers Album Art Archive

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    the covers could be in the collection but you may need to check that the cover code/name matches that of the backup game different regions have different codes. if this is the case then all you do is rename the cover file to match your game (case sensitive)

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    I followed some instructions in another thread to change the config file to get WBFS to automatically download covers, but they still won't work unless I put them in manually. Also, some of the code posted would cause my WBFS to crash immediately on opening.


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