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Thread: D2Pro9 install + update ??

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    Cool D2Pro9 install + update ??

    Hi, I've ordered this D2Pro9 solderless chip: - Official Distributor of Wiikey, WiiKey 2, D2PRO 9, Wii-Clip, Wasabi V3, WiiZard, D2SUN, D2CKEY and more - Solderless Wiikey 2 + Triwing & Phillips Screwdrivers (For d2a-d2e chipsets)

    Contacted the vendor a few times for the install video and/or instructions but more than a month passed and I got nothing. So I tried installing the chip by myself by searching around and looking at other chip install video.

    - I dissambled the Wii
    - I did "clip" the D2Pro9 on this other chip where all hardmoded chip seems to go, in the only position it could fit.
    - Turned on the Wii and the LED flashed a little and everythings seemed fine.
    - Now I can play my original games as usual, downloaded game as well, etc.. but I cannot play any backup games.
    - Yesterday I tried the 1.3 update (taken from the same link above) but when I got to the "update" screen it said "No Wiikey2 found".

    So I'm kinda stuck there. The wii is working like the chip is not even installed By the way I'm running an NTSC version 4.U

    In the package there was the chip, a small protective white "sheet" and a narrow ribbon. I've looked around and couldn't see the used of this ribbon only that it could be a replacement one if I broke the original??

    Does anybody have installation instructions for this chip or has any tip/clues that could help me?

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    Please guys, anyone ?

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    here you is your friend

    go here to get the latest utility disc for your chip

    d2pro : Resources

    Some of the newest games wont work until there is another update for the chip due to new protection and out of region games won't work with 4.2 or higher without softmods

    i'm getting tired of waiting for an update....I should've bought a wode lol
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    our video got yanked again.. anyone know alternative youtube we can upload to ?
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