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Thread: Wasabi DX Upgrade Disc v3.0

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    Wasabi DX Upgrade Disc v3.0

    I've been trying to research this here but I'm a little confused.

    Not sure if the reading I've done applies to the latest v.3.

    I see there is a new Wasabi DX Upgrade Disc v3.0.

    My system is still on the previous version 2 beta using a Wasabi DX. My Wii is 4.1u.

    After I install this new Wasabi DX Upgrade Disc v3.0 should I be OK to update my Wii to the latest version via the internet download on the system?

    Anyone having an issue with this hard mod (only) version?

    All my back up discs/iso are NTSC as is my Wii.

    Thank You for helping with my confusion. I'm usually fine with reading this forum, but I'm not sure right now on the above.

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    I've got the 4.2E firmware on my Wii and with wasabi dx it works perfectly (no softmod).

    You should remeber that since firmware 4.2 you'll not be able to run other region backup's, so if you have got NTSC Wii and NTSC backup, no problem!


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