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Thread: black wii wont softmod?

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    black wii wont softmod?

    hi everyone we already have a softmoded wii, but decided to buy the new black one, we cant install boot 2 to ios because boot 1 is already installed
    we can install homebrew and dvdx but cannot install boot mii
    can someone please tell me if you have to do something different with the new black one? although it does say boot 1 already installed

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    install it as boot2 not to IOS.... have you tried that....

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    Then you are doing something very wrong, I got my black wii yesterday and soft modded it myself. It's 4.2e with HBC, bootmii as IOS and Priiloader all installed.

    You probably won't be able to run dvdr games you've burnt yourself or Gamecube backups because of the new chip nintendo use, and you can't install bootmii as boot2. You can install bootmii you just have to do it as Ios instead of boot2.

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    thankyou for your input it is much appreciated, this is the fourth wii we have done with no probs before, but it seems that nit have put in the bootmii and it is stopping you from modding it correctly, i am no expert but it has baffled us cos we have had no trouble before


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