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Thread: Weird: Final Fantasy IV (En) loaded as Japanese version

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    Wink Weird: Final Fantasy IV (En) loaded as Japanese version

    I have a Japanese Wii console (4.2j). I have tried numerous time to install /uninstall FFIV wad and its DLC. The game was able to load perfectly but it was in Japaneses only. I know the fact that the wad was USA version as it was given by my friend who was playing it in English!

    At first, I assumed the Japanese console has the power to turn certain wiiware from an English game and translated into Japan (sorry... I am a newbie ). However, My wii, was able to load other games in English wad just fine such as FF: My life as a King, Castlevina: Rebirth ...etc.

    I would appreciate if you can advise me about the solution.

    > Do I need to change region on my jap console? will this help?
    > Any program may help to enable me playing the game in English?

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    Try finding another download and see if that works?
    <--I made this long time ago.
    Dont forget to Thank to the People that have helped.


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