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Thread: The Basics?

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    The Basics?


    < see the name?

    i need a quick few questions answered please, i currently own a modded Xbox, 360 and PS2, having just bought a wii i have no idea whats going on

    Its my understanding you add 1x mod chip to wii, 1x ripping software to pc and then (relatively simply) backup games to PC, burn them to a DVD (Dual layer?) and your all set

    am i along the right lines? or am i all wrong?

    P.S how do i find out what modchip i need?
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    yeah you are on the right track. But it not that easy to backup wii games you will need a special LG dive to backup games. burning games is like normal and will work on any dvd burner. btw not all wii games are dual layer only a few are like ssbb. use imgburn for the burning solftware and get a wasabi 2 or d2pro9 v2 for you modchip.

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    Did you buy it brand new?
    If yes, then you have a D2C2 chip set..
    You would need the D2pro9 rev2 or Wasabi2 as jebise101 posted..
    If it happens to be an older model then u would have other
    options on the mod chips, "cheaper options" Like the Wiikey for example..
    But can only be used on the D2A's, DMS', D2B's & D2B's cut leg.


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