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Thread: Super Smash Brothers Brawl Simple Question

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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl Simple Question

    I have a SSBB questoin. I know many people dont do research and just post questions but I did my research and just have one left. Are these the right settings to use for SSBB dvd9 NTSC-U using dvd+r memorex and imgburn. I dont have verbatim+r and dont plan on buying any so please dont tell me to get them.

    Should I change the write mode or write type or layer break or anything.
    Or should I change anything else in a different tab. I just downloaded imgburn and am using default settings.
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    You need to add a manual layer break at 2084960 which it looks like you've already done. Everything else should be default.

    That's it.

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    i recommand that you burn at 1x it wont hert anything if you do. when i burned at 2.4x i had video issues and i had to eject the disk and re insert it while thegame was running. then burned at 1x and al works fine. memorex +r is the best for ssbb in my opinion


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