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Thread: HELP! Which chip do I have? Pic Attached

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    Question HELP! Which chip do I have? Pic Attached

    HELP! Please ...

    Exchanged my Xbox to a modded Wii, this was about 2 yrs ago. I am now having some problems with some new games (e.g. New Mario), so I am assuming is time to do an upgrade on the firmware. I have tried WiiKey 1 and 2, and also tried the cyclowiz updated. Wiikey one at least went completed the test but it didn't complete the update.

    I did open the box to see, but no sings of what kind of chip it is. I am really trying to avoid replacing the chip since the old one is nicely soldered.

    Attached is a pic of the chip:

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    This website might help you...


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    Thanks Emuhack. Checked all images for all the chips listed on the website ... and by process of elimination got to: It could be Argon, D2CKey or Wasabi. Still there is not one out there that looks like mine ... or a least just like it. Has anyone seing one just like mine?


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