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Thread: After wiikey2 instalation some backups dont work

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    Angry After wiikey2 instalation some backups dont work

    I've had my wii chipped for a while now so told to upgrade to a wiikey2 chip as new backups did work. Now the some backups work but old previously working backups dont work. I wonder if anyone can help as i have 30+ old backups that dont work and the friend who fitted the chip for me has said he doesnt know whats wrong!
    they come up on the disc loading screen as an error

    pimp my ride
    An errorhas occurred.Press the eject button and remove the disc,then turn the wii console off and refer to the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting.

    Zack and wiki
    An error occurred
    Press the eject button,remove the game disc,and turn the power off.Please read the wii operations manual for more information.

    samba de amigo
    the system files are corrupted please refer to the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting.

    like i say there are quiet a few dont work
    animal crossing
    lego indianna jones
    shaun white snowboarding
    tiger woods pgatour 09
    rayman rabbids tv party

    backups that still work
    super paper mario
    warioware smooth moves
    warioland shake it
    wii chess
    star wars force unleashed

    system information
    wiikey2 with 1.3 update
    wii GC2-DMS with 3.4E
    anymore info required ?

    there doesnt seem to be any pattern could someone help as my friend! doesnt wont to know.


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    That happened to me with some of my games as well. Don't know what happened to the disks though. All I did was just reburn them and they worked again. The disc weren't even sratched at all. If you get a black screen on some of the games, that means you are missing the required IOS to play the game.
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    cheers for that mate i tried that but no good
    i also gave them to my mate to try and they dont work on his wiikey 1 ?
    dont know whats up thought wiikey was the best !
    my other mate had one fitted in town and all the games work and it only cost him 40 fitted.
    dont know what chip it is but should have done the same !


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