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Thread: Does the R4 card work on DSI???

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    Red face Does the R4 card work on DSI???

    Hi, bit of a newbie to all this and need some help.

    My kids had a ds lite with an R4 card which works great. For xmas they got a dsi each and the R4 cards don't work in them, it just comes up with no game inserted.

    The R4 card has the _DS_MENU file on it and _DS_MSHL.NDS.

    Is there an update to put on the R4 card to make it work? Or do they need new cards? Any help is much appreciated.

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    i think you need the R4i card for the DSi.

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    you need new cards. look for the R4i.
    easy to find with google & pretty cheap.

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    I thought that may be the case. Thanks for your quick responses!!

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    make sure it has DSi v1.03 on the card or again it won't work.

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