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Thread: Ghostbuster Freezes

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    Ghostbuster Freezes

    I'm on 4.2U and successfully backed up Super Paper Mario. Everything works fine, I'm able to play and save.

    I tried doing the same with Ghostbusters, but when I insert the disc, it freezes on the first screen where it says to strap the Wii remote. The remote then seems to lose connection to the console and all 4 lights on the remote blink. I'm unable to reset the Wii via remote when this happens. Anyone know of a fix?

    All I did was load the iso into wiiscrubber, patch the main.dol and use imgburn. This is really the only process I know and worked fine with the Mario game. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    it is a known problem about ghostbustere, there is a trick that makes it run you will have to search for it tho

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    i heart messie

    sorry cant go over messies head

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    I am also on 4.2U and have successfully backed up Super Paper Mario. I inserted the Ghostbusters disc using USBloaderGX, and copied it the the external drive. I never patched the game or anything, and I haven't had any problems playing it. Have you tried backing it up and just playing it?

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    This post is the work-around Messie speaks of. Keep in mind via USB HD, you don't have this problem. It's something about the original spinning @ 6X whereas the backup via softmod spins @ 3X, a timing-type issue.


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