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Thread: problem with usb loader

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    problem with usb loader

    hey hope I choose the right section.

    My problem is that I bought new HDD cause the other one broke down but I bought biger cause I want have on half of it data from pc movies which Im trying to run via wii too. Anyway when I put the hdd now the usb loader didnt see any HDD plug in. Same when I use just ntfs hdd. but I got in half ntfs and in the rest I format via wbfs and put the games on it. Any idea what I suppose to do now? Hope its not problem using hdd this way Thank you

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    Thank you for links!!
    Anyway Im feel stupid cause I didnt get the id but here I found my disk (Transcend StoreJet 2.5" TS250GSJ25M 250GB). And I think I got everything right. I split the HDD on 150GB NTFS and 100GB format via wbfs. When I look on you first link I did everything. So I dont understand where is the problem Any other ideas? thnak you

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    did you try both usb ports on your wii?
    As when standing upright only the one on the left works (well with mine anyways)

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    well I didnt try it cause I plug in into the port which works fine fith 8GB flash disk which I format via wbfs and trying games there before I burn them and that works fine. So I dont know if its just cause I split the HDD on two and got in one hlaf ntfs. But I try the other ports just for be sure

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    as long as wbfs is primary and active im pretty sure you could have 20 partitions in logic.

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    just for sure that Im just looking on something I got wrong and I couldnt see that here is image how I split my HDD.

    edit: "primarni oddil" = primary partition

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    I made my wbfs partition first on my 1TB drive.
    Made it the whole 1TB
    put a couple games on it
    tested it
    worked great

    Then plugged my drive back in and used windows drive tool too shrink that partition and then made my NTFS partiton in the unallocated space.

    My WBFS drive lists first in my hard drive tool then my NTFS.

    Chees and hopefully this will work out your problem.

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    ou ok I will try to do in your way thx

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    Iamlegend thank you very much works everything now. Just got one problem. I need to restart wii couple times. sometimes everything good and sometimes how I said I need to restart wii and try again cause wii start saying thats no hdd plug in. I dont understand that.

    And this is different problem but maybe you guys will now. in some games when I click to start the game its just black screen without any errors anything. anybody now whats the problem?


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