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Thread: fce ultra/snes Emulator help ! please

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    Question fce ultra/snes Emulator help ! please

    ive just installed those emulator and they work perfectly fine but i cant figure out how to add a 2nd player.. if you can help will very much be appreciated !

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    plug in another controller and select a 2 player game no?

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    yeah ive tried that and it doesnt work =(
    i tried connecting on te main screen but onc i go to the homebrew chan
    one of remotes disconnects

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    Sync using the red button on the inside of the Wii by the SD slot and under the battery pak of the Wii Remote. From here it should be fine : ) If not, perhaps try pressing 1+2 once the game starts and see if it registers after using the previous sync method.
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    2 players possible??

    Did this issue get resolved?
    I have the same problem where i would connect both controllers and when i go to the homebrew channel it disconnectes the 2nd player controller. uuuggghh.

    I've tried the suggestions posted here and I still can't get it to work.


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