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Thread: Updates?

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    hi guys, i just would like to know if drivekey developers are working on new updates to play 4.2 games (i dont have the yellow drivekey version, i have an older one), and as far as i know if i update to 4.2 it could make non-ntsc games dont work, my drivekey SW and FPGA version are 1.0 (i dont know what it means) and the firmware version of the wii is 4.0
    if they arent and i decide to softmod my wii, is it neccesary to remove the chip?
    thanks a lot
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    You can softmod with a chip.
    They are supposed to be working on an update and a programmer.
    I would either softmod or look into buying a different brand of chip that already has updates as well as a programmer.
    4.2 update will stop out of region games from being played.


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