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Thread: Getting on the internet from Thailand

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    Getting on the internet from Thailand

    I just bought a 2nd hand Wii in Thailand. It's the US version.

    I'd like to use the internet channel - but can't download the browser because I can't access the shopping channel and can't buy points anyway - because I'm in Thailand! I'd happily pay the $5 - but they won't let me!

    Is there anyway I can download the special Opera browser on my PC and then install it on the Wii? Say by burning it to a CD or useing the USB connection?

    Many thanks. Peter

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    You can install the opera channel if you have twilight hack running. You can use Wad Manager either through TP hack or Homebrew Channel. You just have to get the wad. I believe theres a thread on where to download from.

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    I just linked the rapidshare to the US version of the opera channel (Hope its ok with u Mods) that i found from this thread ->

    This forum is super great and theres lots of good tut that will help you install Wads Just look around.

    Hope this answers your question.
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    yup you can do that, but remember this is illigal nintendo might do somthing like xbox live, i just giving a warning. i also have the internet channel.

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    I hope they dont do anything like dat..

    Just on this topic about going online. I went and play mario kart wii backup and went online on the WFC. Everything was fine and then i suddenly lost connection (like after 6 races). Is it related to the nintendo finding out or was it my net connection. I doubt the latter coz i got decent net speed. Do you know anything about this? Thanks
    Hacked Wii: Pal D2C2 fw 3.2E
    Chip: D2pro9 fw 2.1
    Sydney, Australia

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    Wow, this is blowing my mind. Sorry to be so slow replying - need to get my head around WADS, Bomebrew etc!

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