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Thread: Wasabi Zero and Dx problems with 4.2

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    Ca Wasabi Zero and Dx problems with 4.2

    I have encountered this problem with three different wii's now. Installed Zero on a D2C ( 4.2U) , backup loads and runs first time and then if you eject and pop the disk again it will give you the black screen and error message. After that eject doesn't work even after taking out the power. Blue light where you put the dvd blinks and thats it.
    I took off the Wasabi zero, wii works fine with original game. Installed Wasabi DX. Worked the first time and then same as above.
    It happened with three different wii's. Wasabi zero and dx were with the new 3.0 firmware.
    Anybody had the same issue?

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    new Zero .. also new at this.. just installed .. got one backup to work .. dodge challange.. my other backup had been written with 2 drives, different speeds / disks and gives black screen with reboot message .. call of duty / reflex ...
    I have 4.2u and older wii .. I patched with zero utility and still burning coasters .. not sure what could be up ..


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