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Thread: Sega to stop making mature games?

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    Sega to stop making mature games?

    If you are over 18, own a Wii and fancy something a little harder than Mario or Wii Sports then you may be out of luck in the future. Thanks to slow sales of its Madworld and The Conduit games, Sega are apparently scaling back development of more "mature" Wii games. Speaking to 1UP Sega US studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos candidly admitted that similar titles were unlikely in the future.

    Are we going to do more mature titles for the Wii? Probably not. I have to say that it was a space that was open and we took a gamble on it. It's like, 'Wow, there's no mature games on the Wii. Is there an audience out there?' We did some research, it said there was an audience out there.

    Hantzaopoulos has plenty more to say on the subject. Perhaps most interesting were his thoughts on Dead Space Extraction, the recent Wii title from EA.

    Look at Dead Space Extraction. We were stunned. That was my litmus test. Basically, it's like, okay, you got EA, who can put all the marketing muscle behind this, an established franchise that scored quite well on 360 and PS3. They should be able to actually hit this out of the park, right? We get numbers, real numbers aside from NPD, and I'm like, 'Woah.'

    Leaving aside the variable quality of all the games mentioned - Madworld and Dead Space Extraction are both fine, although the Conduit is a mess - a glance at the Wii sales chart shows that "core" games are rarely seen. Is the Wii simply not built for hardcore gaming? Do the motion controller and underpowered (and SD-only) graphics put gamers off? Or are gamers just too conservative and stuck in their ways when it comes to what they play and how they play it.
    Source - Greg Howson Sega to stop publishing "mature" games on the Wii? | Technology |

    I thought that the conduit was the best out of the three games mentioned, on the upside, more sonic

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    Well thank pirating for the poor sales of these so called "mature" titles hence why more kiddie games for the Wii. :/

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    That's what I was thinking, my wii sat under the TV collecting dust, until I hacked it, that explains why I haven't bought any games for it. Lower prices might move some product.

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    Madworld had blood and guts, sure, but it still sucked. I'd rather have some games rated E that are worth playing over a couple M games that are repetitive and hurt your eyes.

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    Hmmm I don't think you can blame pirating for lack of mature content, if this was really the case the same could be said about psp xbox 360 titles too. I was always under the impression that the Wii was designed and aimed at family interaction, if this is right then there is no need for mature games for a family system. There are 9 people in my family, 5 are aged 8 and under the wife and 2 teenagers don't play console games, I do so we also have a ps3 and a 360. The Wii is perfect for the kids, especially with all the nickelodeon and nickjr games out. Not to mention that certain games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill are much better on the ps3 and 360, but games like Sega Super Star Tennis is better on the Wii because of it's interaction with the motion controls. Putting M or A+ games on a Wii is like Hasbro making porn...

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    I meant the pirating has affected Segas opinion on releasing more mature games on the Wii due to the extremely poor sales pirating has caused these good games to encounter which in the end means a loss of profits and less motivation to create new IPs and continue existing ones.

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    I love madworld/No More Heroes, and would love to see more mature games, but they need to not be basing games they want good mainstream sales with on gimmick graphic styles, we need polished realistic FPS's or action games, not black and white cartoons or insanely jagged anime graphics

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    The last thing the gaming world needs is more FPS' lol. In my opinion anyway, the majority of the gaming market these days are just far too prejudice. Forgive my laid back colloquialisms, but...


    it's like if you don't own a TV half the size of your wall and play Call of Duty all day, then you're laughed upon. It's so hard these days for me to find someone who even knows what Metroid is. At least where I live anyway, it's just impossible. I cop so much crap from most of my friends because I own a Wii, they just laugh at me and wonder why I bought it and that I should have got a 360 instead. I've let them play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, No More Heroes and some other games I own, but they just laugh and say "No one cares for these games anymore, they're crap" Aaargh lol Sorry I just don't see why people have to be so biased. I'm purchasing a 360 later this month, I can see both perspectives, but why am I shunned upon so much just because I don't think Call of Duty is the "holy grail" of gaming?

    *END RANT*

    Anyway... Ermm... Back to Mega Man 9 for me lol
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    It looks like Call of Duty has a long ways to go to get on top.

    Top 20 console games of all time

    The 20 best-selling console/handheld games, not originally bundled.
    1. Wii Play (Wii – 24.43 million)[69]
    2. Wii Fit (Wii – 22.5 million)[69]
    3. Nintendogs (DS – 22.27 million, all five versions combined)[73]
    4. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green (Game Boy – 20.08 million approximately: 10.23 million in Japan,[46] 9.85 million in US)[19]
    5. New Super Mario Bros. (DS – 19.94 million)[69]
    6. Mario Kart Wii (Wii – 18.36 million)[69]
    7. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES – 18 million)[111]
    8. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS – 17.41 million)[73]
    9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 - 17.33 million)[119]
    10. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (DS – 16.81 million)[74]
    11. Mario Kart DS (DS – 16.09 million)[69]
    12. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PS2 – 14.89 million shipped)[108]
    13. Pokémon Gold and Silver (Game Boy Color – 14.51 million approximately: 7.6 million in US,[19] 6.91 million in Japan)[46]
    14. Super Mario Land (Game Boy – 14 million)[111]
    15. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day! (DS – 13.71 million)[73]
    16. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (GBA – 13 million)[83]
    17. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (GBA – 11.82 million)[74]
    18. Super Mario 64 (N64 – 11 million)[111]
    19. Gran Turismo (PS1 – 10.85 million shipped)[108][109]
    20. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS – 10.79 million),[74]
    [edit] Bundled games

    Games that were originally bundled at launch and have sold or shipped at least ten million copies.

    * Wii Sports (Wii – 50.54 million,[69] packaged with system in all regions except Japan)
    * Super Mario Bros. (NES – 40.23 million)[41]
    * Tetris (Game Boy – 35 million)[79]
    * Super Mario World (SNES – 20 million)[54]
    List of best-selling video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I thought COD MW reflex was just horrid. I owned a 360 with COD MW about 2 years ago and it was a blast, pretty addicting. The control scheme for the wii is what screws me up, you have to move to the pointer to the edge of the screen to look around...lame.

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