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Thread: help with bootmii

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    help with bootmii

    ok, ive succesfully hacked my firends 4.1 wii, with bootmii as boot2,etc. i just bought a 4.2 wii, im going to install bootmii, it says the installed boot1 version prevents me from isntaling bootmii as boot2. DONT BAN ME PLS. is there nay way i can remove this boot1?or maybe the tutorial does it for me...

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    If you have a LU64+ wii, ie you bought your wii new recently. You will not be able to install Bootmii as Boot2. There is no work around other than to install bootmii as a channel it's not as good as boot2, but there isn't much you can do at the moment. You can check your serial number on your wii, it's stats with LU64 or later than you cannot currently install bootmii as boot2.

    read here:

    And no you can't remove boot1.

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    ok, funny thing is it came with 4.2, but its a lu40. i was actually very confused at first. another problem; i installed evrything, usb loader works, but i have a problem with priiloader. i went on system menu hacks, but it says no hacks for system menu v482 or sometihng (ill check and report later). any ideas?


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