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Thread: Hello and help me please

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    Unhappy Hello and help me please

    I have managed to upset the very fine line between my wii being able to read games from an external hard drive.

    I installed the homebrew channel with lots of success and the USB GX loader was working a treat.

    HOWEVER, i (in a moment of madness) thought it would be a really good idea to do a system upate to verson 4.2. and now the link between USB loader doesnt work.

    Can somebody please help me with a guide or software needed to rectify this.

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    Here is the guide to softmodding your 4.2 Wii, the first post is the tutorial: . Any questions about the softmod are to be posted in that very long thread. Good luck on recovering your Wii's function.

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    Thank You

    I will give this a go and let you know how I got on.

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    Thats all I can say, thatnks to the advice from the post above, I am now up and running again, The USB loader is working again and the instructons were easy enough for me to follow.


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    Just keep in mind, if you have Priiloader installed on a 4.2 system there's an option for blocking SYSTEM updates (not that there is one, but eventually...)

    I'm guessing no one ever found the hack for we 4.1 users which is actually where it's needed more.


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