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Thread: wasabi 2 , d2pro 9-wire rev2 feedback pls.

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    wasabi 2 , d2pro 9-wire rev2 feedback pls.

    GMODZ seems to promote wasabi2 more than d2pro 9wire rev2 for the so-called 'unmoddable wii' and canadamods seems to favor d2pro rev2. i hear both positive and negative feedback for both chips. i'd really like to hear from customers rather than from vendors (gmodz and canadamods) which chip really works better with less issues. Specifically, i'd like to hear more about wasabi2. It doesn't seem very popular just based on number of users posting info about it here in this forum... but Gmodz insists it has no complaints nor problems with wasabi2.

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    I would like to know myself. I want to order one from GMODZ site, but just don't know which. He is promoting Wasabi, but the D2pro is cheaper and more people seem to be using it. I want it Wii-Clipped either way, just want to know which one to go with.


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