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Thread: Confused. Wii mote desyncs when i use cutom installer

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    Confused. Wii mote desyncs when i use cutom installer

    I have been reading around for about an hour now. I downloaded USB Loader GX and put it in my apps folder on my sd card. I plugged my new external hard drive into my wii (ntfs format) and loaded usb loader gx for the first time and just got a black screen.

    I figured I must have done something wrong when installing it. Then I read about all of this cios38rev14 and 36 stuff that had to be loaded via wad manager. Well I follow all the instructions but every time I go to install these with IOS 249 my wii mote shuts off. I tried 250 and 222 as well same thing.

    I am confused and frustrated. I have version 4.2U.

    All I want is to copy game discs in my wii to the hard drive and be able to boot them from usb loader. How the heck do i get my wiimotes to stop shutting off? I am currently formatting my hdd to fat32 through a DOS command prompt since XP won't let me do it otherwise.

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    your gonna need to format you hdd to wbfs using wbfs manager on your pc., you might also want to install hermes ios 222/223.

    Did you recently update to 4.2u or is your wii virgine 4.2u ?

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    i updated in october. Hard drive is formatted to wbfs now. But usb loader gx just gives me a black screen? My wiimote shuts off when trying to install cios38 or 36 or using wad manager with ios 249

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    they normaly do "shut off" for a breif second. if you hit a button all they do is blink?, have you tryed to re-sync them before going into wad manager?

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    Yes, all they do is blink.
    I have tried the full hacking guide

    When I got to Part C it told me that the Custom IOS had an error during install. When I go to load USB loader GX now instead of a black screen it tells me I need to find IOS 249 or 222

    I don't know how to get these installed because every time I get to an install page using wad manager it my wiimotes desync


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