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Thread: Newb Questions about Bootmii.

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    Newb Questions about Bootmii.

    I'm still very new to the homebrew scene, so please excuse my ignorance. I recently softmodded my two month old Wii 4.2u a week ago following messie's guide with Bootmii as an ios. I wanted to create a NAND back-up and install Preloader for one of those "moments". Anyway, when I went into Bootmii via the HBC, and a rolling black and white screen greeted me. I could see Bootmii had loaded, it's just I had that aforementioned problem. What exactly could be causing this? Any steps to alleviate this problem?

    I searched around for a answer to my problem, but didn't find a solution that matched my situation. Any guidance or advice is appreciated greatly.

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    read again, nand backup will only help if you have bootmii/boot2

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    Incorrect TV mode, try changing the options in Wii Options, Screen, TV type - to an option that works for your TV.

    If that doesn't work try a different TV, BootMii does use a high resolution screen mode that may have problems being displayed on certain CRT televisions.
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