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Thread: Need help updating neogamma from 0.3 to 7 only

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    Smile Need help updating neogamma from 0.3 to 7 only

    Hi to all! I brought my wii to a store in China during the summer to have it hacked and they installed neogamma 0.3 on it. Today, I was trying to play a new game that I downloaded and found the .002 error, which I then googled and found this site. My problem is that I did not hack my wii myself so I am confused as to what I should do to update my neogamma only. I was reading other posts and people were mentioning about SDs and stuff; I mean, I have an empty SD at hand but I don't have the files that the people at the store used to install my neogamma 0.3 and the homebrew channel. It would really great if someone can provide instructions as to to how i can update my wii. THanks!

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    There may be no telling as to what IOS modifications along with Neogamma 0.3 were installed, but the easiest thing you can try is simply downloading the latest Neogamma and sticking it in a folder on your SD card, then launching the HBC and go into the WAD manager to install it.

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    I launched the HBC but all i was able to see were the bubbles? I couldn't find the WAD manager....Plus, when I hit home on the wii remote, it said "Network not initilized" at the upper left corner.


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