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Thread: Triiforce + Usb Loader Please Help

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    Triiforce + Usb Loader Please Help

    I had usb loader working perfectly last night then decided to install triiforce as well.

    I then got triiforce to work, but only off of an sd card. I really want to use it off of my hdd. Originally I had my drive formatted with the wbsf partition first and after reading some more it seemed that triiforce wouldn't load from the hdd because the fat partition was second. So, I reformatted putting the fat partition first and reloaded all my iso to the now second wbsf partition.

    Now, my backup loader won't work and I just get a big error code when I load usb loader.

    Does the wbsf partition have to be first for usb loader to work?(seen a lot of forums saying it doesn't but it's not working for me as the second partition)

    How can I use both usb loader and triiforce off of the same hdd?

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    Usually the wbfs has to be primary or first, but I understand newer versions of loaders are making it possible to do otherwise.
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    Actually, I just got it working with wbfs as the second partition. I feel kind of silly all I had to do was make sure my hdd was plugged into the wii before I turned it on...

    Now to get triiforce working too.


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