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Thread: Majora's Mask Save Problem

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    Majora's Mask Save Problem

    Hopefully I'm not just an idiot on this one. So I cannot get Majora's Mask VC to save for me. I installed using homebrew and put the .wad directly on my Wii. After playing for about 5 hours, I used the owl in the game to save, it sent me back to the MM start screen (like it should) and I turned it off. To my surprise, I boot it up today and it has a save somewhere just after beating the skull kid in the clock tower right at the beginning. What gives? Is it because I installed it via homebrew? Any other suggestions?

    Edit: So I think I might know what happened but would like to have someone confirm - after saving at the owl, I believe I opened up the save file again from the main menu to see if it had saved properly. It loaded me in the correct spot and I turned the wii off. Is it true that the owl save is not permanent and you must save at the owl again to keep the time of day correct and everything? I hope I explained it well enough
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