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    Ok quick question guys. I have installed nes and snes channels and roms and everything works great. Now I would like to install the scummvm channel which I have and I have some roms (cd isos) they have an install file. What do I do to get them to work do I install on my computer and put the .exe file into the roms folder? I am kind of lost since it is not a simple file but multiple files. Where do I put everything?

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    you have to find the binary files of the games, extract the iso or sth. they usually go by the name or data1.dat or sth like that and they are big files, like 700mb and more. you have to extract all the folders from the iso and change the path to the file that contains all the data

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    Ok so I see all the folders and an install file. Do I just put the files including the instal.exe into the roms folder? Still confused? I have used scummvm on the computer where I would just install the game and tell scummvm where to locate the .exe file to load the game. This is why I am confused? Do I install the game on the fat32 portion of my hdd with the instal.exe file?

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    oh, then just do that, install the game in the HDD and point scumm to it


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