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Thread: stupid question!

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    stupid question!

    So my parents want a wii now that I have one!! and I know this is a stupid question but I have looked everywhere and just need a simple answer..

    My wii is chipped, and i recently softmodded because I want to be able to play region free.

    can I just softmod my parents wii, and they will beable to play burnt games? and region free through a external HDD on usb loader gx just like me?

    and will they be able to load a burnt game into the wii and play it directly from the wii without going through anything else? (or is that what my chip enables me to do??)

    sorry for the noob questions, I just cant tell what the softmodd is capable of because I already have mine hard chipped!!

    can someone please help!!

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    As long as they don't have the D3-2 chipset [which if it is new it most likely will] you cannot play burnt discs on the console, so USB loading would be your only option.

    Yes you can softmod it fine and do everything [unless it has the D3-2 chipset] that yours can do.

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    Seriously, you can't find an answer to that? that is what almost every thread and every guide here is about. Yes you can softmod your parents wii, you can softmod anyone's wii you want to. If the wii is very new, be prepared to use a usb device as it may not play from backup disk.
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    simple enough. closed...

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