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Thread: drivekey 2.0 0n a 4.2u wii

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    drivekey 2.0 0n a 4.2u wii

    Hi guys was thinking of softmodding till iheard about the drivekey ,my wii is from USA, I live in Ireland, I have tiger woods pga tour(from USA) and play online but can only play guys from USA, if i get the drivekey will it let me play pal games and also play a pal version of tigers pga online? by the way my wii is a few years old and has updated itself to 4.2u, cant mind what it was before.

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    no it wont be possible. If you are on fw 4.2 than u cannot play import games. Nintendo blocked that feature with the 4.2 update. The drivekey will only play USA games sinds youre Wii is USA.

    I think there is a way that you can change youre regioncode on the Wii. But you should check in the Wii Hacks on the site. You can also softmod the Wii and then you can play all the games you want.

    And check the Wii Drive chip. if it is a d3-2 then the only possibility you have is to play from usb. The new D3-2 drives can not play backups.
    check this link and compare the drive you got with the ones from the picture.
    Wii Drive Chip Database. just scroll all the way down. there should be some pictures of different drive's.

    But before you do this, read every post on the forum. There are a lot of methods and there are a lot of different Wii's. Be sure to check youre serial number and when the wii is created. Newer Wii's also dont have the ability to downgrade, it will result in a brick.

    Sorry for my bad english.


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