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Thread: Request: Can you use a cheat generator on a hdd game in WII?

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    Smile Request: Can you use a cheat generator on a hdd game in WII?


    I've searched around for awhile now and I couldn't find any information about using a cheat generator an a game played from the hdd.

    I really wanna try to cheat on: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    The problem is that I have one of the new WII's with the D3-2 aka D2nothing v2 chipset. This means that I can't play burned games. And right now I dont have the money to buy a legal copy.

    The only option is playing it from my HDD, using: usb loader GX. But all the cheat programs I've tried only works with games played in the DVD player. And that will be impossible for me.

    So if anyone have any information to share with me on this, it will be highly appritiated.

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    Ocarina?? Isn't that for cheats, and isn't that compatible with USB Loader GX?

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    not since a few days ago that they release a new version

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    Thats because CHEATING IS WRONG!!!

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    Thats what i thought too

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