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Thread: Best (most reputable) UK site to buy acekard 2i

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    Best (most reputable) UK site to buy acekard 2i

    Title says it all really!

    I'm currently looking at, but have no experience with it so don't know if its reputable or not.

    Cheers guys!

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    AceKard 2i For NDS & DSi | UK STOCK - The Hanger

    hangar always been good to me, fast delivery and great support if something goes wrong.

    You can also order from Welcome to Modchip Depot -, they deliver to UK and there prices are usually cheaper even with the shipping and exchange rate.

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    Thanks mate!!

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    I got my Acekard 2i from china online store: Ebuylife,it is cheaper than other stores,because of acekard 2i is made in china.
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