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Thread: nand backup

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    nand backup

    im pretty confident at modding the wii but i never done a nand backup at the start. now down the line ive had cioscorp installed and cIOS rev14, neogamma,usbloader gx. now every thing is fine and ive never had any probs but the more i read and learn on here got a wee bit worried. so what ive done is get rid of cIOScorp with it uninstaller and dop in ios53 and 55 with the sig hash. then installed bootmii as boot2 and done a complete nand back up, only 5 bad blocks which is fine. now after all that my question is will this backup be as good as a back up done at the start with 99% brick protection or because it has been pre modded will it be a bit more hit and miss if i ever need to restore it?

    i like to experiment and hopefully with this i can do with a little less worry!

    thanks for reading ,pk

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    the NAND backup will be just restore your will to like you had when you backup it up.... i did a NAND backup after i softmodded and before i softmodded so if i ever run into problems i can reinstall a fresh or a modded NAND....

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    happy days at least if i ball it up in the future i can get back to the way it is now which is working well! thanks


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