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Thread: Wii Sports Resort (Pal) Update on NTSC Machine - Black Screen on boot

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    Wii Sports Resort (Pal) Update on NTSC Machine - Black Screen on boot

    I'm fairly novice with all of this wii hacking. But here's the deal. I have a wii console that has a wiikey installed via wii clip. For about 2 years now it has worked flawlessly. I was able to install homebrew and run games from an external harddrive via one of the USB Loader apps.

    Update to today: My wife was trying to play Wii sports resort and updated the NTSC system to a PAL system update that was on the copy of wii sports resort. Even though I told her to load the games via the Gecko OS, she managed to forget and mangle my system. When it boots it's a black screen. The drive seems to spin up and try to read a disc, etc.. But nothing ever comes up on the screen

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    1. Downloaded Universal unbrick disc 4. Turned on wii, stuck in disc, nothing happens.

    2. Plugged in gamecube controller in port 4 and tried the 4 button trick. The wii does not respond or go into recovery mode.

    Here's what I'm going to try after I get home:

    1. Hold down reset for a good amount of time after powering on. - I don't think I ever installed any pre-loader, so i doubt this will work.

    2. Convert universal unbrick disc to autoboot and re-try.

    Any other ideas? Does a eurpean update on an ntsc machine = Full Brick? Is there anything I can do?

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    There's something you are withholding from your description. Maybe you didn't think it important. Had you downgraded from 4.0+ to 3.2 at any time in the last 6 months or so?

    And normally a update of WSR wrong region would not full brick any Wii, at worst you'd get an Opera error when accessing the settings menu.

    Do you have bootmii/boot2, your Wii is old enough. Does the DVD slot LED flash twice when you power up?

    You can try Preloader but I doubt if you have it, it's removed upon Sys Menu changes.

    Unbrick discs only work when you have the recovery menu up, using the savemiifrii gamecube controller trick or with a savemii device.
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    I did downgrade at one point in time about 6 months ago after updating to a newer version of the firmware. I decided to downgrade to a previous version after doing an update because it caused a problem with loading from the SD card or something similar. I just remember being upset after doing the update and then found a way to downgrade and did it. It's amazing that you knew that somehow, but you must know the ins and outs of the wii alot better than I do.

    I do not have bootmii or boot2. I'm not even sure what those are. But I'll do some searching on that.

    The DVD Drive only flashes once when i power it on. The bluetooth module is working as I can use it to power on the machine (not that you asked but someone else mentioned in a post that the bluetooth module could be causing the black screen as well)
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    Shit are you kidding me? double thread?

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    sorry messie, i got a 408 error the first time i tried to post it.

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    Yes I know Messie. I was as dismayed as you when reading the other thread with oh so slightly different wording but clearly the same issue. The worst thing was the fact that I'd spent time creating a world class post when the issue was already there out in the open on the other thread.

    Oh well skunk you can stop blaming your wife as the root cause of your full low-level stub IOS50 brick is you downgrading to 3.2 and neglecting to safeguard your future upgrade path with a residual install of 3.4s IOS50 v4889.

    You have a few options.

    1) Infectus to flash your NAND. Look for Erikie as he has done it with success on several old Wiis. Expensive.

    2) Return to Nintendo and pay for your mistake and get a refurb. Expensive.

    3) Smash your broken Wii into a million pieces with a big hammer and buy a new Wii.

    4) Throw your Wii in the bin and then buy a new Wii.

    Stub IOS50 is actually a very common fault with 3.2 downgraders, this is why we include a working IOS50, and have done for quite some time in our softmod tutorials.

    Shame but there you go.
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