Im starting this for a member that i have been messaging back and forth and thought there are lots of people on 4.2 that may have same issues...

please help all you can - and i know you guys will

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i did guide 3 times so far on 2 different wii's both times i had some one else with me reading guide both wii's where updated this week though
could this be possible priiloader bug with new update
or is it definetly operator error
maybe i'll see if i can find someone else who updated recently and ran tutorial to see if they had any issues
thankyou for your time and effort i'll repost results
1 more thing can i change controller configs with a hack even if the game doesn't offer it

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now i'm gonna try to get the ones on discs and learn how that works
do i have to keep the wads on the sd card i installed them from?
no ideas about priiloader either, because i had my little brother bring his over my house and we ran through the same tutorial and his priiloader crap woukdn't work either we both updated wii's recently
the wii just crashes stack dump some nonsense
and a couple 100 numbers and letters let it sit for five minutes and it didn't change at all